In October 2010, Siyer Foundation was established to know the Prophet (pbuh) that was sent as a Mercy to Universe, to understand, to comprehend, to regain the opportunity to live with Him (pbuh).

Our desire is; to contribute to the better understanding of His (pbuh) plentiful life, to show that we can live era of the Prophet (pbuh) by studies since first day.

For this purpose, all the studies continues with volunteers since the first day. Al-Sira Foundation desires advice not to be forgetten; “either teach or learn or listen or love them. Unless you are one of them, your life will be ruined.”

Siyer Foundation

“The Prophet has a higher claim on the believers than [they have on] their own selves, [seeing that he is as a father to them] and his wives are their mothers” (Al-Azhab, 6)

The Siyer Foundation was founded in October 2010 with the intention of providing knowledge to know, understand and recognise our holy Prophet (pbuh), who was sent to this universe as a blessing, better, and to be able to live with him again no matter how long the time and space distance between us. 

In order to contribute to a better understanding of the fruitful life of our Prophet (pbuh) and to take advantage of all the work done on this side from the first day, we aimed show that  Asr-i Saadet (Golden Age) is not just a memoir left in history, but it is possible to produce that climate again in the life of the people in this age. 

Since the day it was established with this purpose, Siyer Foundation has been carrying out its work nonstop together with its willing friends. What we want from all our friends want is a remembrance of the Prophet’s Nabawi advice: “Either teach, or learn, or listen, or love the ones doing these, but do not become the fifth or you will perish.”(Taberani, Mu’cemu’s-Sağir, 786)

The effort and the work are from us, and the result is from our Lord Allah.

There has certainly come to you a Messenger from among yourselves. Grievous to him is what you suffer; [he is] concerned over you and to the believers is kind and merciful.

But if they turn away, [O Muhammad], say, “Sufficient for me is Allah ; there is no deity except Him. On Him I have relied, and He is the Lord of the Great Throne.”

(Surah At-Tawbah, 128-129)